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Chemistry International Volume 38, Issue 5

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ci3805-sep2016_toc1The Art of Building SmallFeringa, Ben L. (Page 2)

Chemistry for the Future Solvay PrizeBaekelmans, Paul (Page 4)

CAMEO: The Science in ArtDerrick, Michele (Page 8)

Colorimetric SensorSuslick, Kenneth S. (Page 12)

ci3805-sep2016_toc2The Discovery of PhytochromePoulos, James A. / Griesbach, Robert J. / Hapeman, Cathleen J. / Duke, Stephen O. / Armbrust, Kevin L. (Page 14)


Kicking off the Preparations for the IUPAC Centenary (Page 18)

IUPAC Elections for the 2018–2019 Term (Page 19)

IUPAC Announces the Winners of the 2016 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists (Page 19)

Volker Hessel Is Awarded the 2016 IUPAC ThalesNano Prize for Flow Chemistry (Page 20)

Dan Kunkel to Receive the IUPAC International Award for Advances in Crop Protection Chemistry  (Page 21)

Ali Maleki Is Awarded the 2016 IUPAC-CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry (Page 22)

2016 Andrei Sakharov Prize Awarded to Zafra Lerman (Page 22)

In Memoriam—Paul De Bièvre (Page 22)

Project Place

Guide (and Brief Guide) to Polymer Semiconductors (Page 24)

Critical Evaluation of Equilibrium Constants of 4f Metal Mixed Complexes with Acidic (Chelating) Ligands in Combination with Various Organophosphorus O-donor Molecules (Page 24)

Network for Heterocyclic Chemistry among Countries of the Mediterranean Sea Area, Including Europe and North Africa (Page 24)

ci3805-sep2016_toc3Nomenclature for Properties and Units or NPU Terminology (Page 25)

Making an imPACt

Human Errors in a Routine Analytical Laboratory—Classification, Modeling and Quantification: Overview of the IUPAC/CITAC Guide, Kuselman, Ilya / Pennecchi, Francesca (Page 27)

Provisional Recommendations

Names and Symbols of the Elements With Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118 (Page 30)

Preferred Names of Constitutional Units for Use in Structure-based Names of Polymers (Page 31)

ci3805-sep2016_toc4Stamps International

Raman’s Gift to the Art WorldRabinovich, Daniel (Page 17)

Conference Call

Ecological Risk Assessment WorkshopUnsworth, John B. / Lalah, Joseph O (Page 32)

ChemCYS 2016. An Inspiring and Stimulating Conference for Young Chemists Worldwide, Santiago Gómez-Ruiz (Page 33)

Photochemistry, Griesbeck, Axel G. (Page 34)

Research and Education in the Middle East, Hoffman, Morton Z. / Lerman, Zafra Margolin / Black, Iona (Page 35)

ci3805-sep2016_toc5Gender Issues in Field Research (Page 37)

Mark Your Calendar (Page 39)

Issue cover image: The Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online (CAMEO) is a database that compiles, defines, and disseminates technical information on the distinct collection of terms, materials, and techniques used in the fields of art conservation and historic preservation. From silks to marble, CAMEO offers valuable resources to everyone interested in art and sciences, and the science in art.  See feature feature.

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