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Chemistry International Volume 40, Issue 4

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cover: November 10 is UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development. Since 2016 it is also the International Science Center and Science Museum Day. Partnering with UNESCO, the Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC) does coordinate this initiative around the implementation of the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), and this year the theme will be “Science as a Human Right.” Read more on page 46 or see

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Archives of Chemistry International

Vice President’s Column

Towards 2019 and the Future, Brett, Christopher (Page 2)


Courtesy of Susumu Kitagawa

Chemistry of Small Spaces, Kitagawa, Susumu (Page 4)
Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize, Baekelmans, Paul (Page 6)

IUPAC in the (real) clouds, Cox, R. Anthony / Ammann, Markus / Crowley, John N. / Herrmann, Hartmut / Jenkin, Michael E. / McNeill, V. Faye / Mellouki, Abdel Wahid / Rossi, Michel J. / Troe, Jurgen / Wallington, Timothy J. (Page 10)

Chemistry: The Driving Force for Emerging Technologies, Droescher, Michael (Page 14)

Preprints and Scholarly Communication in Chemistry: A look at ChemRxiv, Lawlor, Bonnie (Page 18)



IUPAC Elections for the 2020–2021 Term (Page 22)

Mirabbos Hojamberdiev is awarded the 2018 IUPAC Chemrawn VII Prize for Green Chemistry  (Page 22)

Standard Atomic Weights of 14 Chemical Elements Revised (Page 23)

2019 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists—call for applicants  (Page 24)

Periodic Table of Younger Chemists Revealed (Page 24)

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced— ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry  (Page 25)

IUPAC seeks Expressions of Intent to host 2025 General Assembly and World Chemistry Congress  (Page 26)

Stamps International

Oganesson, Where Art Thou? Rabinovich, Daniel (Page 27)


Project Place

Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials, Gonzalez, Norma / Johnston, Linda (Page 28)

Realisation of a Unified pH Scale (Page 29)

Successful Drug Discovery  (Page 30)

ILLIAS: An epic journey towards the database on liquid-liquid equilibria in systems containing ionic liquids (Page 31)

InChI Open Education Resource (Page 31)

Microwave induced combustion—critical evaluation and new applications (Page 31)

Multiple Uses of Chemicals—Website updates and translations into OPCW official languages (Page 32)

IUPAC COCI Safety Training Program—Latin America, STP Associates Training (Page 32)

Provisional Recommendations

Nomenclature for boranes and related species (Page 33) or see <>

Making an imPACt

Engineered nanomaterials and human health: Part 1. Preparation, functionalization and characterization (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 34)

Engineered nanomaterials and human health: Part 2. Applications and nanotoxicology (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 34)

The ongoing challenge of novel psychoactive drugs of abuse. Part I. Synthetic cannabinoids (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 35)

Nomenclature of flavonoids (IUPAC Recommendations 2017) (Page 35)

Standard reporting of Electrical Energy per Order (EEO) for UV/H2O2 Reactors (IUPAC Technical Report) (Page 35)

Innovative Technologies for Chemical Security (Page 36)

Conference Call

IUPAC Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry, Tundo, Pietro (Page 38)

Polymers: Design, Function, and ApplicationLi, Tian (Page 41)

Polymers and Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics: Science for Applications, Pfleger, Jiri (Page 42)

Chemistry for Beauty and Health, Sionkowska, Alina (Page 42)

From Thailand to Spain, Martinez, Javier Garcia (Page 43)

Where 2B & Y 

Science as a Human Right: International Science Center and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD)10 November 2018—at a science museum near you, by Staveloz, Walter (Page 46)

Mendeleev 15026-28 July 2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia (Page 48)

Solution Chemistry of Technology Critical Elements22-23 January 2019, Białystok, Poland (Page 48)

Two former IUPAC officers, Christoph Buxtorf— Treasurer 2000-2007 (right), and Leiv K. Sydnes—President 2004-2005, sent their greetings from Å for IUPAC’s 99th birthday on 28 July.

Mark Your Calendar (Page 49)


Birthday Greetings from Å (Page 51)

Index 2018 (Page 52) (PDF CI2018_Year-index)

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