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On the BBC homepage ( there are many journalistic contributions on various aspects of the environment and especially contributions in connection with e-waste. The search engine is powerful and gives access to many articles on e-waste using a variety of search words; one example is Some examples of article from the homepage follow.


Mine e-waste, not the Earth, say scientists



E-waste: Royal Mint wants to turn your old phone into gold



Ghana’s e-waste dumpsite: Pollution ‘could get into breast milk’



Togo imports an estimated 500,000 tonnes of e-waste a year



E-waste mining could be big business – and good for the planet



Japan may use e-waste for 2020 medals



Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ( is a German newspaper founded in 1949. It is published daily in Frankfurt. The paper runs its own correspondent network, and its editorial policy is not determined by a single editor, but cooperatively by a team of four. The paper covers science and technology widely It is the German newspaper with the widest circulation abroad.


Ein zweites Leben für Handys und Waschmaschinen


Thüringen fördert als erstes Bundesland die Reparatur von Elektrogeräten und kann sich vor Nachfrage kaum retten. Wenn Stefan Jacobi in seinem Handy¬-Reparaturladen in Erfurt an das vergangene Halbjahr zurückdenkt, gerät er ins Schwärmen. Im Sommer hatte die Thüringer Landesregierung ein Reparaturbonusprogramm für Elektrogeräte aufgelegt, und schon kurz darauf konnte sich Jacobi vor Anfragen kaum retten. „Die Idee hat bei den Leuten enormen Anklang gefunden“, sagt er. Bis zu 70 Prozent mehr Aufträge hätten sie auf einmal zu bearbeiten gehabt.


English translation:

Title: A second life for cell phones and washing machines

Thuringia is the first federal state to promote the repair of electrical appliances and can hardly save itself from the demand. When Stefan Jacobi thinks back to the past six months in his mobile phone repair shop in Erfurt, he gets enthusiastic. In the summer, the Thuringian state government set up a repair bonus program for electrical appliances, and shortly afterwards Jacobi was inundated with inquiries. “People really liked the idea,” he says. They would have had to process up to 70 percent more orders at once.



On YouTube there is a large number of videos about e-waste, which turn up when searching for e-waste, e-waste problem, e-waste challenge, e-waste hazards and related concepts. Below just a few examples are listed; they bring illuminating and correct information and are indeed recommended.


Title: Inside Ghana’s ‘graveyard’ for Europe’s e-waste


Duration: 17:06 min

Producer: France24


Title: Computer recycling West Africa style


Duration: 4:09 min

Producer: BBC


Title: How Can We Fix The Massive E-Waste Problem?


Duration: 17:05 min

Producer: CNBC


Title: How Can We Fix The Massive E-Waste Problem?


Duration: 8:36 min

Producer: World Economic Forum


Waste Management World

Waste Management World is the official magazine of the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA). According to, the magazine covers in print and online every aspect of the industry for waste management professionals. Coverage includes the latest products and technology, as well as policy and legislation affecting the industry. There are also regular news updates and detailed features looking at some of the most innovative projects being developed around the world.

There are lots of very informative articles about e-waste, which can be searched using e-waste and other relevant words. Two examples follow.


New global restrictions on e-waste trade

Parties to the Basel Convention at their 15th meeting (COP15) held in Geneva agreed by consensus to the “Swiss-Ghana Amendments,” establishing new definitions of hazardous and non-hazardous electronic waste with the aim of banning them for trade. However, a loophole remains open, as critics denounce.


EV Battery Recycling: Baby, I can recycle your car!

Batteries are relevant in so many areas of our lives and their number is ever growing. Alas, they still present a challenge for recyclers. Especially e-car batteries need special recycling processes.