ChemVoices – IYCN-IUPAC Younger Chemists Showcase

During the IUPAC Congress 2019 the final inductees into the IUPAC100 Periodic Table of Younger Chemists were announced. Those who were recognized with the award of an element (the PTChemists as they are affectionately known) were selected as a result of their contribution to the scientific community and their embodiment of IUPAC’s core values. As an extension of this legacy project, IUPAC and IYCN are once again partnering to recognize early-career chemists around the world with a monthly webinar series called ChemVoices. The overall goal of ChemVoices is to provide a platform through which early-career researchers can discuss issues that are relevant, and of immediate concern to them, while simultaneously giving them a platform to highlight their impact on the broader scientific community.

ChemVoices webinars will be headlined by the PTChemists, with additional presentations given by special guest speakers. The webinars will take on a variety of formats depending on the topic of discussion, including traditional presentations, roundtables, and Q&A discussions. The webinars will feature broad topics such as “Building your science brand”, “Finding your voice at work”, and “Sharing your voice with the world”.
Through the ChemVoices program, we are hoping to increase the engagement and visibility of those who were awarded an element. More importantly, participation in this program will help to cultivate the professional and personal development of the PTChemist awardees, develop programming that is relevant and of interest to early-career researchers internationally, and provide an opportunity to cross-promote other IUPAC and IYCN activities to an audience that may be outside our combined reach.

To finalize the first phase of ChemVoices, an event at IUPAC2021 will be held to celebrate the PTChemists and all of those who participated in the webinars. Whilst still in the early stages of our planning, we are additionally working to enhance the programming and opportunities for early-career researchers at IUPAC2021, with this event being a key piece in that effort.

We are excited to bring ChemVoices to life, and we encourage you all to visit the website: to learn more about the team behind the webinars, and to register for our next event!

Next webinars:
Resilience: A key in overcoming challenges, 15 Sep 2020
with Anna Regoutz, César A. Urbina-Blanco, and Jesús Esteban Serrano
Register at

Chemists beyond the bench, 25 Sep 2020
with Natalie LaFranzo, Fernando Gomollón Bel, and Aubrey Paris
Register at


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