C for Concentrate

Be more communicative – this is one of the suggestions emerging from the survey conducted by the 2020 IUPAC Organizational Structure Review group. IUPAC Concentrate is a tentative response to this cry and with the help of all members -be individual or organizational- we are establishing this new mailing with the intent to deliver regular updates about IUPAC and its community.

This initial mailing of 1627 subscribers is addressed to Titular and Associate Members, National Representatives, Task Group Members, members of all Committees or Subcommittees, contacts of National Adhering Organizations, Associated Organizations, Company Associates, Affiliates, and Fellows. You have the option to unsubscribe, but instead we hope that you will embrace this initiative and share content and ideas which, in turn, can be shared with the list.


View or share the first sample 2022-03-16:


Please contact Fabienne with any input/question [email protected].

Next sample will be mid-April.

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