Ali Maleki is Awarded the 2016 IUPAC-CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry

Ali Maleki

Ali Maleki (Iran) has been awarded the 2016 IUPAC-CHEMRAWN VII for Green Chemistry. Dr. Ali Maleki received this award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of green chemistry.

The CHEMRAWN VII Prize was first announced in August 2008 and since, has been awarded every two years at the IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry. The Prize of USD 5000 is granted to a young investigator (less than 45 years of age) from an emerging region who is actively contributing to research in Green Chemistry. The 2016 CHEMRAWNVII Prize will be presented to Dr Maleki at the 6th IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry that will be held in Venice on 4th-8th September, 2016.

Ali Maleki received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Shahid Behesti University, Tehran, Iran and he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Iran University of Science and Technology. Dr Maleki’s research focuses on the use of green reaction media such as solvent-free, water, ethanol and ionic liquids; green and clean catalysts and catalytic reactions (magnetically recyclable and reusable heterogeneous nanocatalysts); one-pot multicomponent reactions (least reaction steps and side-reactions or by-products, high yields, saving energy, high atom economy and bond forming efficiency in the synthesis of organic compounds); and bionanomaterials (natural and synthetic biopolymers).

The IUPAC CHEMRAWNVII prize has previously been awarded to Noureddine Yassaa (Algeria) in 2010, Rashimi Sanghi (India) in 2012 and Vania G. Zuin (Brazil) in 2014.

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