And the final six element awardees were announced 8 July 2019 at the IUPAC Congress in Paris during a special IUPAC 100 session:

Nozomi Sato of Japan for her representation of nihonium.
Sato is Adjunct Researcher at Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, RIKEN. Sato & co-discoverers achieved synthesis of element 113 in reaction Bi-209 + Zn-70.

Leonid V. Skripnikov of Russia for his representation of flerovium.
Skripnikov is Senior Researcher at Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia, His work contribute at connecting observable experimental properties of heavy atoms containing molecules with fundamental properties of elementary particles.

Galina Knyazheva of Russia for her representation of moscovium.
Knyazheva is Senior Researcher at Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR. Galina has been working on synthesis of superheavy elements in heavy-ion-induced reactions.

Jacklyn Gates of the United States for her representation of livermorium.
Gates is Group Leader at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) where she studies the nuclear and chemical properties of the heaviest known elements.

Nathan T. Brewer of the United States for his representation of tennessine.
Brewer is Post-Doctoral Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and pursues understanding the physics necessary to describe extremes of nuclear matter.

Sofiya Aydinyan of Armenia for her representation of oganesson.
Aydinyan is Researcher at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia working in the field material science of multifunctional materials for machinery/aerospace/biomed applications.