As part of the centenary celebration, IUPAC is inviting scientists and students around the world to join in the Global Women’s Breakfast. The event is titled “Empowering Women in Chemistry: A Global Networking Event”. It will be held on a single day – February 12, 2019.  Organizations of all types, e.g., universities, companies, national chemistry societies, government laboratories, and other scientific organizations, as well as individual groups of chemists, are invited to participate and register their event on the IUPAC100 website using the on-line form.  The Global Women’s Breakfast is expected to assist women chemists in expanding their network of contacts, perhaps leading to new career opportunities for research, employment, or education.

Be part of the fun and plan a breakfast event celebrating IUPAC100 in your own location! Submit an expression of interest or register the event using the online form available from the IUPAC100 website. Use the hashtags #IUPAC100 and #globalbreakfast to share how you are planning to join the celebration.