This poem shows people’s popular wrong beliefs. This work was made to inspire people to get to know their body’s inside activities involving chemical reaction.

You don’t see, you don’t hear
You don’t feel, you don’t smell
Yet you know god exists
You breathe, you eat
You feel, you see
Yet you don’t know activities inside your body
In your surroundings, in your body
Everywhere you go
Everything you do is involved with chemical elements
You pray from god for more life
Yet you don’t know your inside organ activities
You beg from lord for money
Yet you don’t think for yourself
You always stress over finance
Yet you never care about your health
Health comes free but taking care of health is never free
Careful about money bur careless for your wellbeing?

About Bymbasuren

Currently studying at medical university as freshman. Have interest in organic chemistry also been in national chemistry competition twice.