I am an Indian chemist. Here girls are really fond of henna designs but when you are one of them and a lover of chemistry you try to find chemistry and apply in your daily life and your hobbies. I just came to know about the contest and qualified for the second round. I was thinking to do something creative and an idea of henna tattoo of all the elements came in my mind.
“If you are struggling with learning the periodic table and also fond of henna give it a try I am sure you will learn it till the henna get vanished”.
Secondly, if you really want to know about any thing just include them in your daily routine and try to reflect where you can find the inspiration to reach what you want to explore.

About Zeba Kauser

Hi all, I am Zeba Kauser from india.I am a Msc Chemistry post graduate. I have done my Masters in India. I have great desire to explore the facts and mysteries of different elements present in the periodic table. Its really amazing to know about each element being so unique with its unique properties through they are arranged beautifully in a table to represent some sort of similarities but still stand out being what they are as an individual.