In the spirit of celebrating 100 years of IUPAC, I have made an artwork depicting the simplest atom of them all.

In creating my artwork, I was deeply inspired by an Instagram post by CERN showing the image of a high energy proton’s fluctuating gluon density.

‘THE NOBLE PROBABILITY’ depicts roughly the quantum mechanical view of the hydrogen atom. At the centre is the proton consisting of three quarks held together by gluons. Due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle it is impossible to know the position of an electron around the nucleus. Hence the presence of electron is represented by a probability known as an orbital. The s-orbital in this art is composed of the names of all the Nobel laureates in Chemistry as 2018.


I am a high-school graduate about to join university next week. My ambition is to become an electronic engineer though I enjoy studying chemistry. My favourite topic in chemistry is 'coordination compounds'. I am honoured to participate in the Nobelium contest organised by IUPAC in celebration of its hundredth anniversary.