I choosed drawing our Chemical Lagoon of the class, because we are all very connected with each other, despite the fact that we are very different. I associated each of our class member with a sea creature, represented by his own chemical element.
For example, I am Astatine, the most unique element in the periodic table. As far as Astatine is found in very small amount, I depicted drawing myself as a dolphin, a very intelligent aquatic mammal. My classmate, Marilena is represented by the chemical element Iodine, which is very helpful in medicine. That’s the reason why i choosed drawing her as a seahorse, which is thought to be a symbol for help. Brianna is presented as a Sea Star, as beautiful and shining as her element, Gold. Marina is Lead, a heavy and soft element. This is why I choosed drawing a jellyfish, a free-swimming marine animal. Catalin’s element is Titanium, the strongest element in the Periodic Table, as the carapace of a turtle is. And Valeria is Niobium, which is also strong and important as fish in the lagoon are.
In conclusion, I really loved to compare my class with a lagoon full of unusual and different chemical elements and to share this drawing with my classmates.

About Certan Anastasia

My name is Anastasia , i am 16 years old and i come from Moldova. I am studying in the private Institution 'Da Vinci' in the 10-th grade. My passion is drawing since i was 5 years old. My chemistry teacher, Rita Godoroja, the winner of the Nobelium Contest urged me to take a challenge and combine my passion for art with chemistry.