My project is named “The Challenge Of Chemical Elements”. My idea was to create an interactive game that could help you learn a lot of interesting facts while spending time with your family or friends. This game was created individually, by analyzing in detail the Periodic Table. My goal in creating this unusual project was to promote discovering the magic of ChemistryThe Challenge Of Chemical Elements.

Game rules
• To accomplish the first step throw the dice, and the one who gets the biggest number, goes first. In case the number is the same, you throw the dice again.
• The hero of the game moves on the field according to the number from the dice.
• After the hero of the game makes his move, pay attention where he stops and take the card of the correspondent color and accomplish the task written on the card.
• In case the task hasn’t been accomplished, the player puts the card back and makes three steps back.
• When you get to the arrow, follow the way the arrow shows you.

The winner is the one who arrives first at the FinisH!

About Botnariuc Alexa , Liceul Da Vinci

Hi, my name is Alexa, I'm 15 years old. I live in Chisinau, Republic Of Moldova. I'm studying in the best school of Moldova ,,Da Vinci''. I love my school so much and i'm obsessed with chemical experiments.