My chemistry teacher told us about the IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge, it seemed interesting and I wanted to try that challenge. I wrote a poem about Silver, because I love writing, and you can write about anything. Also we had to do a presentation in the school about Silver, I enjoyed making it so I decided to write poem about Silver. My biggest inspiration to do this challenge was my chemistry teacher. He inspires me to learn more about chemistry.

Silver, dear Silver,
You are so shiny,
You are so beautiful
Cheaper than gold.

You are on everybody’s necks,
You are on everybody’s fingers,
You are in every girls’ earrings,
You make everyone feel beautiful.

You are an unreactive metal,
But you can react with O2
When H2S helps you.
Then we have to clean you.

No matter what.
You are silver,
And you make our life beautiful,
You are the only one silver.

About Estere Mitule

I go to Agenskalna State gymnasium. Now I’m in 11th grade. I love learning new things, I like reading books in my free time. I like chemistry, because it challenges you to think outside of the box, it is hard, but when you understand it, you feel excited and you want to know more. Chemistry is everywhere in our life, for example, food, toothpaste, jewellery, cars and many more.