Design a game similar to poker cards. Divide the cards to sets of 8 big groups and 1 special group (transition metals).

Create 8 powers for each of the group according to its characteristic. For transition metals, apply the same way as well.

There are many ways of playing the cards, but the best way is to hold a tiny competition in class. Divide students in class into several groups, and each group has to come up with a group name of element. Each group draws one card by terms and have to introduce the element to other groups, while other groups will give the explanation by the group marks out of 10. The group with the highest mark will win.

Apparently, my idea is boring and dull. So, I hope students and teachers will come up with more interesting way to play with these cards and share it to the world so that students around the world will have the chance to play with it and learn elements in the periodic table happier.

As last words, I wish students around the world will found that learning periodic table elements isn’t a headache thing, whilst one should find the most suitable way for him/herself in learning it. All the best!

About Lim Yan Kai

A self-innovated high school student who always has new and creative ways to help learning in school. Ambitious to start better schools in the future that will help to increase the interest of students when learning science subjects. Why force students to study while not trying other ways to inspire them in the science field?