eTwinning Project “Periodicity in life” is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Law of Periodicity and the Periodic Table of chemical elements. The project focuses on the international collaboration of students for identifying and investigating the periodic phenomena in our life, in nature, society, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, music, art, technologies, which have an important role in forming their scientific competence.
This project was created by 2 teachers: Rita Godoroja (Republic of Moldova) and Naira Harutyunyan (Republic of Armenia) and was implemented on the twinspace.

The project structure is the same with the structure of the Periodic Table: 118 elements, 7 periods, 8 group. Our project involved more than 118 students from 7 countries:
– Moldova, Chișinău, Da Vinci School,
– Armenia, Vanadzor, N16 primary school,
– Latvia, Salacgrīvas novads, Krišjāņa Valdemāra Ainažu pamatskola,
– Georgia, Zugdidi, EPL Zugdidi muncipality village Chkhoria public school,
– Serbia, Smeredevo, OŠ Branko Radičević,
– Turkey, Narlıdere, Sıdıka Akdemir Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi ,
– România, Târgoviste, Scoala Gimnaziala „Tudor Vladimirescu”.

Project participants were acquainted with the platform, they created their personal profiles, discussed in the Forum the project objectives and plan. The students discovered their partners from other countries, solving the jigsaw puzzles.

Students of 7th-8th grades worked with enthusiasm in the project “Periodicity in our life”. They described the observed periodic phenomena and elaborated the Investigation Reports. Students analysed the periodic phenomena in our life and found answers to various questions:

1) What periodic phenomenon did you observe?
2) Why is this phenomenon happening?
3) How does the phenomenon take place?
4) What is the frequency of the phenomenon, at what time interval is it repeated?
5) What factor determines this phenomenon?
6) What are the consequences of this phenomenon?
7) How important is this phenomenon in the life?
8) Could we influence the frequency of this phenomenon?
9) Why is this periodic phenomenon interesting?
10) What rule could we discover, analysing this phenomenon?

Students participated in Photo competition: Periodicity in our schools. They observed periodic phenomena in their schools and made original photographs, which reflect Periodicity. All students successes was reflect in the Project Journal

About Rita Godoroja

PhD, Chemistry Teacher, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. • Author of 83 articles and scientific-methodical books published in the following research areas: student creativity; developing students' skills in chemistry; curriculum development and standards, quality assurance. • eTwinning Ambassador, Moldova 10 eTwinning Projects with European Quality Labels, 2014-2019.