For this contest we made a game of the periodic table. This game is made using Styrofoam, we drew the periodic table on the Styrofoam, and on each box we wrote the atomic number of the element that belonged to the box. Then, we attached balloons to each box (the colors of the balloons represent the state of matter of the element at room temperature: blue-liquid, white-gas, green-solid, and pink-undefined), and each balloon contains a small paper inside that specifies the element, its symbol, and its atomic number. The game consists of blindfolding the contestants, making them turn three times, and give them a pen to choose a balloon without being able to see which balloon they are choosing. Then, the balloon pops and the contestant needs to guess the element based on the atomic number and the state of matter of the element inside the balloon they chose.

About Paloma Quintana

Students of St.Anne's School's 10th grade class.