As part of an exhibit with a collection of periodic tables we designed, we choose some striking and original examples of representations: graphical (work of Bunpey Yorifuji), alternative way of sorting elements (for example from the earliest known to the most recent), historic representation (Lavoisier’s table), datas (atoms most present in our body, in oceans, in the universe). We even displayed white periodic table written in braille alphabet or periodic table in chines, Russian or Japanese.

But the periodic table that got most attention was the one made with Pokemon card. The idea is working on the personalization of the abstract entities that are atoms. There are some similarities between atoms and Pokemons: they have their own “personalities”, they have their own superpowers, they are groups in families…
As Pokemons have such an attractive power with students (whether they still collect them or not), we decided to attract them by this periodic Pokemon table.

But, by the way, will you be able to guess which criteria was selected to order the Pokemons in the table?

And did you manage to find where Pikachu hides?


We are Science disseminators working un Montpellier University. We launched the ATOME HOTEL web-documentary in 2015 ( where 25 researched adopted their favourite element and opened the door of their labs to our cameras. We then created workshops, a perdiodic cabinet of curiosity, a creative writing contest, science events and even an original exhibit where we explore the periodic table through literature. We went for a road trip in Occitanie in 2018-2019 to meet 21 middle/high schools for 2 days each to talk about the history and fun facts hidden behind the periodic table in an informal way