Oxygen is one of my favorite elements because it’s such a necessity, and it makes up so many things in the world around us. I wanted to write a poem about what it does.

Discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1772,
And from there your popularity only grew,
247 years later, and your stuck with us like glue!
Oh so many things you give,
All things need you to live.
When we take a deep breath in,
You work so hard to fill up our lungs within.
Without you, the plants nor us, could survive,
But because you are always around we thrive.
You run throughout our veins releasing the toxic Carbon Dioxide,
If you did not work so hard, we would be in for quite the awful ride!
Now you are quite the element, In group 16 you belong,
Add two electrons and realize you should have been a noble gas all along.
You are special, used in many compounds,
One of the most abundant elements, it astounds.
No color, no taste, and certainly no aroma,
The extreme reactivity you possess could put me in a coma!
Supporting combustion yet you do not burn,
Yes, you are special I discern.
You live in the earth’s crust,
In you oxygen, we entrust!
Between the chemical compounds, plants, animals, and humans too.
There is one thing in common, something we all share,
It’s oxygen, and it’s roaming free in the air

About Madison Brown

I receive my education at Concordia Lutheran High school. My favorite class is chemistry, it allows me to think and push myself. My school prides it’s self in helping it’s students, and to receive an amazing Christ centered education.