My name is Macari Antonina. I learn in Lyceum of Modern Languages and Management, from Republic of Moldova. I am happy to participate in the Nobelium Contest, to celebrate the Periodic Table and to share my passion, experience and creativity about the chemistry with all of you. I want to offer my respect and homage to all scientists, who contributed to make the Periodic Tabel,because it is the base of Chemistry and it helps us expand our interest for science. My topic for project is “Lithium in different languages”. For this topic i have chosen the metal Lithium. I think that it is name sounds so good in other languages. My project is an opportunity for my colleagues, friends and people who love chemistry and i did it with great enthusiasm.
With gratitude, Macari Antonina

About Macari Antonina, LLMM

I am a student in high school, "Lyceum of Modern Languages and Management", Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. My chemistry teacher is Rita Godoroja. My teacher invited me and my colleagues to participate in the IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge and i am glad to participate.