To join the global event of International Year of the Periodic Table, Taiwan has various celebratory activities on Periodic Table and Chemical Elements for school children, students, teachers, and the public. They are aimed to increase participants’ cognition of chemistry, foster a positive attitude towards chemistry, and promote motivation and awareness of sustainability about chemistry. To provide different channels for conveying values and contributions of chemistry to citizen is the main design principle for IYPT 2019 activities and interventions. This video clip is to show an exhibition hall with the items in relation to the periodic table organized by me and my colleagues. The items exhibited include the PT for visually impairment people, students’ perceptions of the chemical elements, women in front of and behind the periodic table, etc. The first exhibition is exhibited in the National Taipei Science Education Center from June 1 to August 26, 2019 and then will move to other museums around the island of Taiwan as well as schools and universities for celebrating the IYPT.

About Mei-Hung Chiu

National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Science Education