As I love chemistry and music, this contest was the perfect opportunity to combine my two passions. That’s why I decided to write a song about the periodic table, and compose and record every instrument by myself.


(In The World Of) The Periodic Table (01/2019) :

Chords: G – C – Em – D

Verse 1 :
All the chemical elements
Don’t have the same properties,
Each one has its own symbol
‘Cause they’re all unique after all.

Verse 2 :
They’re classified by atomic numbers,
Are solid, liquid or gaseous,
Some exist out there naturally,
While others are synthetic only.

Chorus :
Welcome, welcome in the world
Of all the elements ever found,
Enjoy, enjoy, here everything is going well,
Welcome in the world of the periodic table,
In the world of the periodic table,
Of the periodic table…

Verse 3 :
Chalcogens with their low conductivity,
Also have a strong electronegativity,
While poor metals have properties
Between transition metals and metalloids.

Verse 4 :
Nobles gases are monoatomic,
And their chemical reactivity is weak,
While halogens react strongly,
With metals, especially.


Verse 5 :
Lanthanides are also called rare earths,
They burn in the air, have high boiling and melting points,
While actinides are heavy metals,
Which are all radioactive compounds.

Verse 6 :
Metalloids are semiconductors,
Which usually form amphoteric oxydes,
While transition metals have a high density,
And a rather low melting point, such as mercury.

Verse 7 :
Alcali metals react strongly,
And burn with humidity,
While alcaline-earth metals’ oxydes
Resit to really high temperatures.

Chorus (x2)

About Armelle ERUSSARD

I'm an organic chemistry student at the University of Strasbourg, France. I'm currently performing an apprenticeship in a pharmaceutical lab. Organic chemistry is my passion, it's amazing to be able to understand all these reactions.. I also love writing songs and playing different instruments.