This is a poem sharing my fascination about some of the amazing characteristics of iron that pervade our lives, life and existence. From the oxygen-carbon dioxide import and export that takes place in our blood to the North and South poles of Earth’s magnetic fields. Iron has pervaded humanity’s existence as armour, weapons and steel.
This poem is also a dedication to my high school English teacher (Mrs Govender) as a symbol for all the inspirational females from which we draw strength and guidance.

You are,the most abundant of Earth.
Fused from stardust.
Softest in your purest form.
Armour to hearts,
Spear to enemies.
You are the balance between binding and splitting.
Truly lost we would be…
Blindly astray,
Struggling to breathe.
Melting you with elemental diamond
Strengthens us, a thousand.

About Adli

I am PhD student with (lots of work to do and) a passion for chemistry, science and writing. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and currently at the C*change Centre for Catalysis at the University of Cape Town surrounded by minds of inspiration and excellence.
PS: If this wins, kindly frame a copy of the poem for my high school English teacher's classroom =)