I choose to make a crossword about mercury because I think it is a special element that has an unconditional power people didn’t even discover yet. Mercury is the ONLY metal that is liquid at a room temperature! Can you imagine?! It has the amazing ability of separating and escaping from it’s captivity, which I think is just mind-blowing and interesting to look at, even thought to be able to observe this process we need to have the right equipment. Even the syimbol “Hg” has a deep meaning. It comes from the Greek word “hydrargyrum”, which basically means water and silver, or as some call it-quicksilver.
I hope my project inspires you and that you can find all the answers. Good luck!

About Dudnic Camelia

I can describe myself as a hard-working and responsable person. I just enjoy life and love developing myself through different, interesting ways, like this project, that gives me the opportunity of expresing myself and my way of analizing things in a chemical language, the language that tought me a better discipline and made me understand the need of knowing what kind of air I breathe daily.