I made a periodic table that shows the etymology of all the elements (up to uranium). The reason I went up to uranium was that the rest are pretty self explanatory in their names. To create the table I used a combination of free hand drawing and images. I first researched each element and chose a theme for the image based on one of the interesting facts or stories I learned about the element. All of them have some of my own artwork and style in them.

I started this project on June 26th and ended on December 31st, making it one of my longest running artworks.

What inspired me to do this entry was the fact that the elements have stories of how they came to be but not many people know about their stories. Each elements’ name has a story to tell and I wanted to tell that story in the pictures for each one. Another part of what inspired me was Sam Keen’s book “The Disappearing Spoon” because it also gave light to the stories of the elements.

The resources I used to create my project were “Chemistry For Kids” from, It’s Elemental from and an app by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Images obtained were from a free adobe stock trial and pixabay.

I hope you enjoy the journey through the periodic table as I see it.

About Elizabeth Cotromano

My name is Elizabeth Cotromano and I am 16 years old. I'm a sophomore at an art school in Florida. I started getting a passion for chemistry after I memorized the periodic table in 7th grade because I couldn't read it. I am legally blind due to an optic nerve glioma that has obstructed my vision since I was born. In February 2019 I was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma. I finished treatment in July and I did this entry in celebration of being cured of cancer during IYPT.