In fact, my project originated from my desire to let more people know the joy of chemistry, by the way, insert a little knowledge. And there’s also humor, which makes it interesting for readers to read.

Elemental Conference
Hydrogen is a very small element, but to some extent it is also the ancient god of all elements. At the beginning of the universe, hydrogen was the first element.

But hydrogen, the president of the element, has found a particular problem.

This is the oldest problem in the universe. Once it arises, it may lead to an unprecedented bright future and the end of all elements.

In order to unite and overcome the difficulties that will come, as element president, hydrogen wants to set up a conference in which all elements participate.

But it can’t be done, because some elements can’t live more than two seconds after they are born. No matter how protected they are, they will become other elements.

So the meeting only invited most of the elements.

When “all” elements were seated, fluoride began to speak: “Excuse me, how can we keep our body now? It’s too difficult not to react with each other.”

But hydrogen, the element president, is absent. He’s going to invite a special element.

As a result, the venue was embroiled in controversy.

The big xenon first mentions its stability and expresses its willingness to sit next to fluorine.

Fluoride shook his head: “Your advantage is not absolute, if Platinum is next to me, even you will be affected.”

Although the interaction may produce a beautiful scene, it is like the last glow of a moth when it comes to elements.

Elements have already begun to react, and the explosive sparks produced by the reaction of chlorine and sodium scare other elements.

In addition, the secondary reaction is also very terrible. The reaction of potassium nitrate and sulfur with carbon is no less violent than that of chlorine and sodium.

Seeing that almost all elements will lose their original form, hydrogen enters the conference hall and brings back the element with nuclear charge 101: mendelevium!

It suggests to the elements that the position of Mendeleev’s periodic table, named after it, should be seated, so that most of the reactions can be avoided. For some special elements, a single position is enough.

When all the elements are stabilized and ready to listen to hydrogen, The hydrogen sweats a lot, so he won’t say that the problem to be discussed has been solved.

How can the elements be seated stably?

About Tianxiang Wang

I am a high school student from Huainan City, Anhui Province, China. Because I think this challenge is very interesting, I try it.