I am happy that I have the chance to participate in the Nobelium Contest and to celebrate the Periodic Table.
Scientists done greatest researches and now we have this Periodic Table that consists of chemical elements. I thought that it would be interesting to make the project “Curiosities about iron” because in this way, people can respond to my questions and check their knowledge about this element from the Periodic Table.

In my opinion, iron is an essential element for nutrition and used in a variety of household objects. That’s way I want to inform you more about this element. It is necessary to mention that I have prepared for you one crossword only with questions. For instance, in the empty spaces you can write your responses. Furthermore, there is one more crossword where the answers to the questions are written. My project “Curiosities about Iron” is an opportunity for my colleagues, friends and people who love chemistry, to check their knowledge about iron and also to discover something more about this element. I have done this project with pleasure and hope you enjoy it!

With gratitude, Sorocovschi Madalina.

About Madalina Sorocovschi

I am a student in high school, "Lyceum of Foreign Languages and Management", Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. My chemistry teacher is Rita Godoroja. During the chemistry lessons I really enjoy the way how our teacher uses to teach us something new by including a lot of creative activities. I have successfully met the IUPAC Periodic Table Challenge and that's what was a motivation to participate also at the Nobelium Contest.