My project represents Christmas. The star contains the element Hydrogen. Each line of christmas tree consists of Christmas and winter words made up of elements from the periodic table and e the symbol of electron. From top to bottom the words are:
Life (Li, Fe);
Cheer (C, He, Er);
Be Kind (Be, K, I, Nd);
Believe (Be, Li, e electron, V, e electron);
Chocolate (C, Ho, C, O, La, Te);
Nutcracker (N, U, Tc, Ra, C, K, Er);
Fresh cookies (Fr, Es, H, Co, O, K, I, Es);
Chorus hymns (C, H, O, Ru, S, H, Y ,Mn ,S);
Snow(Sn, O, W);
Scarf (Sc, Ar, F);
Coat(C, O, At).

The gifts are also made up of elements- Good health (Gd, He, Al, Th) and No poverty (No, Po, V, Er, Ti). The gifts are global goal 1 and 3 (Global goal for sustainable development set by United Nations). Reindeer Vixen (V,I,Xe,N); Snowman Frosty (Fr, O, S, Ti); candy cane(Ca,Nd, Y, Ca,Ne); Santa’s Ho Ho Ho also represent elements.

About Sumita Bose

I love science.