I was inspired by kid’s creative wooden puzzles. I saw a three year old doing a creative picture wooden puzzle with great interest and enthusiasm, and was amused to look at the victorious happy face of him on placing the pieces that fix at their exact positions. As a teacher of chemistry, it suddenly came to my mind that why not the same technique be applied to Periodic Table , so that students could grasp the very fundamental concepts of chemistry in a cheerful playing atmosphere .
The interactive board is timeless with a classic feel and will remain trendy over generations, unlike computer based puzzles does not consume energy on daily basis especially suitable for rural area schools. It is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic made from natural materials.
Toddlers may engage in simple imaginative play. Older children can begin to incorporate a puzzle in more complex imaginative scenarios.
When a teacher has multiple children in the classroom, interactive Board Puzzles provide ample opportunity to work in groups. If the teacher has only one child or prefer to focus on education in a one-on-one sitting, she/he can provide that interaction. This type of exercise and drilling make them to build their understanding, reasoning skill, ability to positive reinforcement and decision making.
Labelled pieces also help children build hand-eye coordination along with motor skills. General Public also may be involved in educating them about chemical elements, by putting one in a museum.
The game is suitable to conduct with in a school/ college and among a set of schools & college students. The faculty too can have this game conducted on special occasions and can have great fun playing at higher advanced level.
This game is used as the foundation, and the training content is added on, or woven into it.

About Chaganty krishnakumari

Dr. Chaganty Krishna kumari is a retired Associate Professor & Head Department of Chemistry, Singareni Collieries Women’s College, Kothagudem, India. A Life member of National Centre for Science communicators, Indian Science Writers Association. Indian National Science congress Association and Member of Royal Society of Chemistry, London, also Executive member of its India Deccan Local Section, Hyderabad. She is a successful popular science writer in Telugu who is writing with great passion, enthusiasm and flair, well-known for her unique creative presentation of complex scientific subjects, in a captivating narrative style. She has to her credit twelve published popular science books