Víctor is a Chemistry degree student at University of La Rioja, Spain. He has always been fascinating for science and he participated in Spanish National Olympics of Chemistry, Biology and Geology when he was a high school student.

He is currently studying the third year of the degree, and he has started to collaborate with the Biological Chemistry research group under the supervision of Dr. Jesús Manuel Peregrina and Dr. Ester Jiménez Moreno.

He leads a group of five students called “Vaya Elementos!” which is spreading IYPT in high schools of his region, La Rioja. The team gives talks to high school students about IYPT and the Periodic Table, and tries to show them the importance of this discovery and the importance of Chemistry in our lives. They have also organized a contest called “Sponsor an element” for high school students to offer them the opportunity to investigate one element of the Periodic Table and share their work with the public.

Víctor believes that science, and specially Chemistry, plays a key role in our lives, and he tries to share his passion for this subject and making people understand it. As a Chemistry student, he thinks that young scientists must be active and must be involved in dissemination of scientific knowledge through the rest of the society. He is aware of the opportunity that being a young university student offers in order to captivate high school students and encourage them to study sciences, and he tries to exploit it with this initiative.

Despite his age, Víctor efforts each day to communicate people and teach them the importance of science, in order to achieve a well-educated society and fight against superstitions and pseudosciences.

IYPT offers an incredible opportunity to show the rest of the world the key role of Chemistry in human development. Let’s share Chemistry together!