Dr. Sotiris Evgenidis is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Multiphase Dynamics Group of the School of Chemistry in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. His research is focused in extraterrestrial conditions (micro- and hyper-gravity). During his PhD, he developed a sensor for on-line, non-intrusive bubbles detection in the body of astronauts during Decompression Sickness. Later, he modified this sensor to provide early diagnosis of Coronary Disease.

Dr. S. Evgenidis has won the following awards for this successful technology transfer from space to ground (published in Nature: 557, p.749, 2018): a) 1st Prize in “Down to Earth Competition’’, European Space Agency (ESA) (2014), b) 1st Prize in “Falling Walls Lab in Athens”, Falling Walls Foundation & DAAD Hellas (2015), c) Top 100 Breakthroughs of the World in “Falling Walls Lab in Berlin”, Falling Walls Foundation (2015), d) Top 100 Entry in “Create the Future 2017 Design Contest”, NASA Tech Briefs Media Group (2017). Moreover, he has studied heat and mass transport phenomena in multi-phase systems under zero-gravity, employing complex experimental devices in 5 Parabolic Flight Campaigns of ESA.

Dr. S. Evgenidis has conducted research under hyper-gravity conditions as well, investigating liquid degassing in Large Diameter Centrifuge of ESA for gravity values from 2 to 20 g. He is holder of 2 European and 1 Greek patents, has published more than 15 publications in peer reviewed international scientific journals and participated at 50 international scientific conferences. Additionally, he has participated in 10 European research projects with several institutes and companies (e.g. Imperial College of London, Medtronic, University of North Carolina, etc).