Leonid V. Skripnikov is a Senior Researcher in the laboratory of quantum chemistry at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P.Konstantinov of NRC “Kurchatov Institute” and an Associate Professor in the department of Physics at the Saint-Petersburg State University. He graduated from the Chemistry Department of the Saint-Petersburg State University in 2009. There he investigated the nature of bonding in organometallic compounds and later started to study some exotic properties of small heavy molecules. He received his PhD degree in theoretical physics from B.P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute in 2012.

One of the goals of the interdisciplinary research of Leonid V. Skripnikov is to connect observable experimental properties of heavy atom containing molecules with fundamental properties of elementary particles. For this, he develops and uses theoretical methods of relativistic quantum chemistry. He is highly involved in the interpretation of the molecular experiments in terms of the electron property that violates both time reversal and spatial parity symmetries of fundamental interactions in Nature. Another topic is the accurate prediction of the chemical properties of even not synthesized yet elements of eight period of the Periodic Table. Besides, he predicts chemical shifts of compounds containing heavy atoms. This allowed solving the “puzzle” of the hyperfine structure of bismuth.

Leonid V. Skripnikov actively collaborates with researchers from different fields and different countries (USA, Germany, Australia and other). He has been awarded three times by the President grant, received the award of Kurchatov for young scientists (Russia) and is the Gordon Godfrey fellow (Australia). He supervising students at the Saint-Petersburg State University.