Dr. Kana Yamada is an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemistry, School of Science, The University of Tokyo in Japan. In Quantum Chemistry Laboratory led by Prof. Kaoru Yamanouchi she has been investigating light-induced ultrafast chemical processes.

In her master course, she developed an experimental apparatus equipped with a photoelectron spectrometer by herself for investigating light-induced ultrafast processes, and she received School of Science Encouragement Award (Master) in The University of Tokyo in 2014 for her significant achievements. In her Ph.D. course, she investigated photoionization processes of rare gas atoms by ultrashort intense laser fields. In 2017, she received IOP Publishing Outstanding Young Researcher Award and School of Science Encouragement Award (Doctor) in The University of Tokyo for her pioneering studies.

Dr. Yamada has been active in the fields of solid-state chemistry and ultrafast spectroscopy. In these years, she has been investigating the mechanisms of ultrafast chemical processes of atoms and molecules occurring in sub-femtosecond to a few femtosecond time scales, using an advanced light source that she developed by herself, with which attosecond light pulses in the soft-X ray wavelength region are generated. Dr. Yamada has been collaborating with the world-renowned research groups: Prof. Midorikawa’s group at RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, RIKEN (Japan), Prof. Keller’s group at Physics Department, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and Prof. Baltuska’s group at Photonics Institute, Vienna University of Technology (Austria), and has been conducting jointly with them the projects at the forefront of ultrafast spectroscopy.

As Assistant Professor, Dr. Yamada has been dedicating sincerely her duties of educating international transfer students in the undergraduate chemistry course, and has been making efforts to convey to them the attractiveness of chemistry through the teaching and laboratory courses.