Jose Climent is a pharmaceutical industry professional working in Market Access and Health Economics at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson). He holds a Chemistry degree and a master’s degree in Business Administration. His current work is focused on Immuno-Oncology and the strategies to harness the Immune System, so it could identify, fight and kill tumor cells. His previous work at Janssen was focused on pathologies like diabetes and psoriatic arthritis.

In his academic experience, he succeeded as a student, publishing his first paper on the properties of cycloparaphenylenes. He also was awarded with a gold medal at the National Chemistry Olympics, just before he started his studies in Chemistry. During this period, he also obtained a recognition for his teaching abilities with a group of students working on platinum catalyzers.

Apart from his responsibilities at Janssen, Jose is also trying to help other scientists to build their own startups and to find the investors who could provide the resources to go from a theoretical approach to practical results.

As a scientist, he was most interested in computational chemistry research and he has been able to inspire some of his colleagues to look for a job in the, nowadays, crowded field of computational drug design through his seminary “The relevance of Computational Chemistry along the process of Drug Design”.