After completing her doctoral thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, Johanna Irrgeher pursued her career as a post-doctoral researcher at the Helmholtz Center Geesthacht, Institute for Coastal Research, Germany, where she was responsible for the isotope analysis laboratory in marine sciences from 2015 to 2018. She recently accepted a senior researcher position at the Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria, where she is engaged in establishing a research group on isotopic analysis.

Her research in the field of isotope analysis is dedicated to the implementation of new analytical methods with a strong focus on addressing issues such as sustainability, ecology, bio- and life sciences as well as metrology. Johanna is well recognized for her research with several international awards and numerous invited lectures at international conferences. In recognition of her scientific achievements in the field of elemental and isotope analysis, Johanna Irrgeher has been honored with the Loschmidt Award of the Austrian Chemical Physical Society (2015) and Agilent European Rising Star Award for Plasma Spectrochemistry (2017).

Dr. Irrgeher has enjoyed many international research collaborations in her young scientific career which include the National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan, China), National Research Council Canada and University of Calgary (Canada), and most recently the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht (Germany). In 2014, Dr. Irrgeher became one of the youngest scientists ever to be elected to the IUPAC Commission of Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights (CIAAW) and soon thereafter she was appointed Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Isotope Abundance Measurements (SIAM) within CIAAW.