As an instructor of chemistry, Fun Man is known for supercharging science education with an innovative approach: applying a suite of technological tools in helping students and the public to understand science better: using the Google Glass, GoPro to film instructors’ point of view lab videos, adopting the 360o camera and the drone to visualize environmental fieldwork and to create virtual field-trips. His 133 units of flipped “Lightboard” lectures have reimagined science education and improved learning in chemistry. Since 2017, Fun Man has given 20 seminars on chemical education across Asia, Europe & US.

Fun Man completed a M.Sc Industrial Chemistry at Technical University of Munich and joined National University of Singapore as a full-time teaching assistant in 2012. Fun Man has authored/co-authored 18 peered-reviewed publications in Chemical Education since 2015. He believes that chemists have the unique ability to excite people in appreciating science. He cultivates public interest in science via engaging videos to reach out to a wider audience, some of whom do not have adequate chemistry facilities in their schools. His public Chemistry YouTube Channel “The Ultimate Science Lab: Library of Scientific Techniques” has benefited learners from over 110 countries including Kenya, Jordan, Bulgaria, Uruguay and Jamaica, chalking up 1.3 million views.

Globally, Fun Man serves on the International Chemistry Olympiad steering committee, where he was elected for two terms (2014—2018). Fun Man serves on the WorldSkills International Competition as a Technical Expert for the “Chemical Laboratory Technology” national committee.

In 2017, Fun Man received the University Annual Teaching Excellence Award in recognizing his fervent effort in science education. He was awarded the inaugural NUS Society Gold medal for Outstanding Achievement and is now directing the education unit at NUS ALSET, researching on how educational technology tools can improve learning in science.