Dr Dmitriy Berillo is a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Brighton (UK) (Sept. 2016-2018). The Marie Curie project focused on environmental microbiology for purification of water from stable organic toxic compounds, using 3D-bioreactors composed of structured living bacterial cells. In June 2010 he defended his PhD degree in organic chemistry at the Department of Organic Chemistry at KazNU al Farabi. Dr Berillo was a visiting PhD student and then postdoctoral researcher at the Biomaterials and Biosensors group at Lund University (Sweden) in 2008-2009 and 2010-2014, respectively.

Dr Berillo’s main research interests are the preparation of scaffolds for water purification from toxic pollutants and for regenerative medicine. His work has been related to cryogels preparation based on noncovalent interactions: polyelectrolyte complexes formed between chitosan-gelatin; self-assembly of Fmoc-diphenylalanine into nanofibers under cryoconditions; scaffolds based on non-covalent interactions such as metal-polymer coordinated complexes etc; enzymatically cross-linked proteins under cryoconditions, stimuli-responsive cryogels. He is co-author of 9 patent applications (KZ). 2014-2016. He worked as a senior researcher in the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioinstruments at Nazarbayev University (Astana Kazakhstan).