Dr. Daniel Florin Sava is an IP Coordinator at University of Manchester’s Technology Transfer Office (UMIP) for the graphene and 2D materials portfolio. His work at UMIP comprises of maintaining the graphene and 2 materials IP portfolio and assisting the commercial transactions relating to the portfolio. The 2D materials portfolio is quite large with the main applications focussing on the production of 2D materials, membranes, composite materials and sensors.

Dr. Sava was awarded the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award for his Ph.D. studies at The University of Manchester, working under the supervision of Prof. Richard Winpenny and Dr. Floriana Tuna to study the multifunctionality of chromium metallacrowns. He was also the top of class for his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and materials science at University Politehnica of Bucharest. Dr. Sava’s academic path was recognised with many prizes from the awards at the national chemistry Olympiad in secondary school, all the way to the travel grants that he has received during his Ph.D. to participate at International Conferences. He has also been selected as one of the participants at the BASF International Summer Course 2017, Roche Continents Program 2018, and as Future Leader at St Gallen Symposium 2018.

His willingness to help has drawn Dr. Sava towards teaching. He started to voluntarily teach basic chemistry for the 1st year undergraduate students from University Politehnica of Bucharest, to help them develop the basic skills necessary through progress. Dr. Sava’s teaching journey continued with his graduate teaching assistant role at the University of Manchester where he has also been awarded with the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy for his teaching practice.

Dr. Sava’s passion for science lies beyond research with his involvement in science communication (Stereochemistry C&EN podcast – Episode 9 and “The price of a failure” – Chemistry World – May 2019) and commercialisation.