Dr. Andrey V. Vorotyntsev is a Senior Researcher and an Assistant Professor at the Nanotechnology & Biotechnology Department at Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev (NNSTU), Russia. He obtained a Masters (2010) in chemistry from the Lobachevsky State University following by a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (2013) from the NNSTU.

Performing his research in the field of chemical technology for high-purity substances, particularly in heterogeneous catalysis, Andrey V. Vorotyntsev has significantly contributed to developing of new sustainable ways for production of polycrystalline Si and Ge of solar quality – semiconductors, the main resource for solar cells and high-tech electronics. His innovative approach to chemical engineering and chemical technology was multiple times awarded with various grants and medals starting with the Gold Medal “Innovations for investment to the future” of American-Russian Business Union for the development of “Energy-effective technology of gases separation and purification” in 2011. One of the most recent grants, “Development of gas separation membranes for the release of acid gases using polyionic liquids”, was awarded by PhosAgro, UNESCO and IUPAC in the field of green chemistry. Since his first research paper in 2011, he has published 29 articles indexed in Scopus and WoS and has 154 citations in total (h-index = 7).

Andrey V. Vorotyntsev is an active member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society. Being an Assistant Professor at NNSTU, Russia he is educating a young generation of chemists and bio-technologists and actively support and encourage young women to pursue a scientific carrier in chemistry. Andrey is also working on enriching the understanding of chemical processes through the comprehensive interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Biology.