Alexander Majouga graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Moscow, Russia in 2002. After completing his PhD in 2005 he started his career at MSU as associate professor within Department of Chemistry, and since 2013 he has been Professor at MSU. His research is focused on development of novel classes of antitumor agents and methods for their targeted delivery. His lab has pioneered in the development of methodology for the design and synthesis of low-molecular models of the active sites of red-ox metalloenzymes. This methodology has been employed for research of metal-based drugs for range of diseases and catalytic systems. His lab has used a number of ruthenium and copper complexes with organic ligands as drugs for cancer, particularly resistant to chemotherapy breast and prostate carcinomas. He also interested in inorganic carriers for anticancer drug development. He designed a number of magnetic nanomaterials, which acts as MRI contrast agents clinically.

His research is highly collaborative; more than 50% of his publications are co-authored with researchers from other fields and countries. Apart from his research, Prof. Majouga enjoys teaching undergraduate students, supervises PhD students and spread his excitement for Chemistry.

Currently, Alexander Majouga is a rector of Mendeleev University, biggest technological university in Russia, that is specialized in Chemical technology and engineering.