The following elements were announced 6 June 2019 at the 102nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, (CCCE 2019), 6 June 2019, in Québec City:

Nimart Obhi of Canada for her representation of hassium. Nimart is PhD candidate at the University of Toronto; her research focuses on the synthesis and properties of new multidimensionally-architectured semiconducting organic polymers.

Daniel Florin Sava of UK for his representation of darmstadtium . Daniel is 2D IP Coordinator at Univ of Manchester’s Tech Transfer Office. He has a passion for science & is involved in sci comm.

Peter Wich of Australia for his representation of roentgenium. Peter is Senior Lecturer at the University of South Wales in Sydnes. His research focuses on chemical modification of natural biopolymers to engineer biocompatible materials.

Menno de Waal of Netherlands for his representation of copernicum. Menno is a teacher at the ROC van Amsterdam where he seeks out improved ways to teach students to have fun in leaning chemistry.


& LAST, the following elements will be announced in Paris at the 47th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress on July 8, 2019: